Trevor Has Friends #20

February 21, 2017

Trevor's on the road this ep and his cohost is Chris Durant! Special guests Pat Dylan and Robert Berry!

Great show!


Barnes and Cole Effect #3

February 20, 2017

Valentine's is over and Josh and Alec are back at it. They argue over the stupidest shit!


Budt Time #15

February 19, 2017

This episode Evan and Matt do a grab bag bowl! The mix up match up weed.

It's a great one!


Road Head #1

February 18, 2017

Savage Henry's new podcast Road Head is what we record when on the road with SH comedians and others, dropping mags up and down the North Coast and performing with friends doing comedy in various towns.

No studio, portable mic and Durant is pretty smashed and has Pat Dylan and Dutch Savage from Humboldt in the van with him and on this episode they stop off in Eugene and talk with Seth Milstein!

So enjoy this shit show with Durant and Dutch and Pat working on 4 hours of sleep over the pas 2 days.


Paranoid Celluloid #15

February 15, 2017

Evan and Mike welcome Humboldt comedian Josh Barnes.

Love movies and meeting your idols in real life.



Barnes and Cole Effect #2 The Valentines Episode!

February 14, 2017
On this special Valentine's Day episode, Josh and Alec spend less time arguing and more time bonding over their shared experience of being single. Listen in to see about fulfilling their V-Day requests ...if you still believe in love.

Trevor Has Friends #19

February 13, 2017

Trevor Has Friends pulls out the chair for Daniel Amaral! Local improvisto of The On the Spot Comedy troupe, Daniel lends his voice to an array of characters in risky situations. We go inside the family dynamic, share in the spirit of wine, and laugh the whole way through. Lend an ear to a buddy; be a friend!


In The Ring With Redbeard #3

February 11, 2017

Matt welcomes Glorious Josh Barnes and they talk about all kinds of stuff, but mainly Josh's Champiosnhip Belt!


Bud Time #14

February 11, 2017

Matt and Evan dab up some rosin from Emerald Rosin. Girl Scout Cookies at 81.95% THC.

Smoked out of a piece made by Little b and provided to Bud Time by Central Avenue Smoke Shop in McKinleyville.


Bud Time Coughcast #13

February 10, 2017

Matt and Evan try out a real nice Vape Pen from City Boy Farms.