Trevor Has Friends #25

March 27, 2017

Trevor and James welcome Bay comedians Chad Opitz, John Gallagher, Michael Brannon and Vincent Chuang.

It's Fun!


Paranoid Celluloid #18

March 22, 2017

Mike and Evan welcome Andrew Holmgren and Luke Lockfeld from San Francisco's comedy group, the Sylvan Gang.

They've both been on TV and Andew's been in the movies.


Bud Time #16

March 21, 2017

Matt and Evan are back!


Trevor Has Friends #24

March 20, 2017

The theatrical Sam Wingspan takes a mic with Trevor and James. We talk in tough guy accents while selling caskets, glitter showers, and other fabulous things. Have a laugh on us, OR ELSE!


Barnes and Cole Effect #6

March 19, 2017

Josh and Alec welcome Alec's and grandpa!

Josh is super uncomfortable.


Savage Henry Magazine Radio Program #144

March 16, 2017

Sarah and Chris and Matt talk about Disney World and then drink Surge.


Trevor Has Friends #23

March 13, 2017

Keith Bergman joins THF in the middle of his West Coast run away from his home state of Ohio. Fresh off the taping of his DVD special "Goldfish" Keith gets whacky with newfound friends. Evan Vest fills in for James and the trio enjoy an afternoon of wise-cracking.


Illuminati By Nature #35

March 9, 2017

Dutch and Chris welcome Humboldt comedian Josh Barnes to the podcast.

He doesn't like ghosts and doesn't want to see any.


Paranoid Celluloid #17

March 8, 2017

Evan and Mike welcome comedian Keith Bergman! Great episode!


Barnes and Cole Effect #5

March 7, 2017

Josh and Alec welcomed Nathan Davis Floyd and Dutch Savage on this episode. 

They have lievely discussions.