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Episode #66 of the Savage Henry Magazine Radio Program

December 2, 2013

So we tried it live again and, well, it was fun? A rowdy crowd, Sarah almost fought a mother fucker and we make a cocktail for beer time. 

Guests Savage Henry Magazine cover artist Sonny Wong and local improv superstar and budding stand-up James Schaeffer help keep us sane. 

Also local stand-ups Zeke Herrera, Josh Duke and Joe Deschaine do some sets to help save the funny.

Sound quality comes and goes but we're working this technical shit out. Will we do it again? Maybe, not for a minute though.

Thanks to Joe Deschaine for helping dial in tech, Doug and Patrick at the Jambalaya and our guests and most of all, most of the crowd.

791 8th St. Suite N, Arcata CA 95521

Theme song by DJ Musician