Savage Henry Magazine Radio Network

#4 Savage Henry Magazine Radio Program

June 14, 2012

Sarah, Josh and Chris welcome comedians Andy Haynes and Nick Turner into the studio to talk funny and play Dutch Savage's Phil and the Blank game. Also, Josh brings in a beer, we play a Netflix game and we shoot the breeze on the news.

Songs for Episode 4 —

"Brave Captain" - fIREHOSE

"?" - The Blue Hearts

"I'm so Bad" - Motorhead

"Spit to see the Shine" - Babes in Toyland

"Undertow" - Tool

"Witchcraft" - Wolf Mother

"Living Wreck" - Mudhoney

"We're a Happy Family" - Shonen Knife

Sponsors for this episode were Humboldt Hardware and Fortuna Music Mart.

Theme song by DJ Musician.

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