Illuminati By Nature #35

March 9, 2017

Dutch and Chris welcome Humboldt comedian Josh Barnes to the podcast.

He doesn't like ghosts and doesn't want to see any.


Paranoid Celluloid #17

March 8, 2017

Evan and Mike welcome comedian Keith Bergman! Great episode!


Barnes and Cole Effect #5

March 7, 2017

Josh and Alec welcomed Nathan Davis Floyd and Dutch Savage on this episode. 

They have lievely discussions.


Trevor Has Friends #22

March 6, 2017

Trevor and James welcome Carlyas a friend.

Stuff and things...good show.


Paranoid Celluloid #16

March 1, 2017

Evan and Mike welcome comedian Billy Wayne Davis for Episode #16 of Paranoid Celluloid. 

He talks about his time on Last Comic Standing and the Conan show and they all laugh and have a good time.