Trevor Has Friends Episode #28

May 10, 2017

Trevor invites Peter Nelson to the podcast as a new to the scene comic. We talk crazy baseball and use weird voices the entire time. Join Trevor and James on chance humor and fun games!


Road Head #11

May 5, 2017

Well...this is it, We did it. Savage Henry Get In the Van Tour 2017 is in the books. It was beyond successful and beyond fun....Cornell Reid, Andrrew Holmgren, Zeke Herrera, Matt Redbeard and honrary members Allsion Rose and Andrea B! 

Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think.

WE Love You All!


Road Head #10

May 2, 2017

Santa Cruz! What a lovely city with a weird twist, Imagine if Portland and Humboldt had a kid....Santa Cruz. fuck with us!


Road Head #9

May 2, 2017

We're Back!

Tulare! Great show at Barmegeddon! We lost the Truckee episode! Sorry. 

We start doing commercials on spec for many different companies.





Road Head #7

April 26, 2017

Back in California! Chico!

Pizza Goats!




Road Head #6

April 26, 2017


Best Podcast Ever Done in Portland!

Good show, good follks and Allison is Back!


Road Head #5 Rick Simpson’s Fertqdq timne1

April 23, 2017

Swlem. Great show!

Barcade. Rosevurg GUNS!




Road Head #4

April 22, 2017



Durant and Rave #3 or #4 or #5 or #6 or whatever

April 21, 2017

The Holocaust, carbs, civil rights, what do these things all have in common? Chris Durant doesn't beleive in any of them. It's the second day of the tour and 4/20. We ate food. Some segments of this podcast may exprience some 4/20 difficuties. *airhorn noise*


Road Head #2

April 20, 2017

On today's episode, it's the first day of the tour and everythings going great. The first show went off without a hitch and we definitely didn't set anything in the hotel on fire no matter how much they charge us. This episode features Cornell Reid (LA Town, Los Angeles) Matt Redbeard (McKinleyville, USA Town) Zeke Herrera (Denver, Columbia) Allison Rose (Butt Town) Chris Durant (Flavor Town) Sleepy Holmgren (Sleepy Town). Cornell does an impression of everybody on The View, Chris explains the finer points of thermodynamics and Sleepy Holgren acts out the meaning of life.